• Learn all about osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine: symptoms and treatment methods depending on the stage. Details of the disease.
  • What is cervical osteochondrosis? Disease manifestations, effective methods of treatment and prevention.
  • The reasons for the development of osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Manifestations of the disease at different stages. Treatment methods: medicines and folk remedies. Recommendations for the selection of knee pads.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis: what it is, the causes of the development of the disease, risk factors, dangerous consequences, degrees of evolution, characteristic signs and symptoms, methods of diagnosis, treatment, as well as frequently asked questions and patient feedback.
  • Arthrosis of the knee joint: characteristics of the disease (risk groups, causes of development, symptoms of manifestation), types of pathology and stages of progression, consequences and possible complications, rules of diagnosis, methods of treatment, prevention.
  • Deforming arthrosis. Reasons. The stages of development. Symptoms of deforming arthrosis. Diagnosis. Treatment of deforming arthrosis. Forecast.
  • What causes low back pain. How to recognize the disease. Diagnosis of the disease. Basic principles of treatment. How to help yourself.
  • What is osteoarthritis and what are its causes? Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. Effective methods of treatment.
  • Diseases that are characterized by pain above the waist. The main factors causing pain in the thoracic spine.
  • Pain in the lumbar region occur in diseases of the spine, internal organs and systemic pathologies in human organism. To determine exact cause can only be a doctor, after examination and additional examination of the patient.
  • Many people wonder - how do kidneys hurt? Find out, in some cases, the body mochevyvodjashie discomfort, it manifests itself, where it is localized, how to identify the disease.
  • Pain in back and chest – their causes, some of them need special attention. Why pain in back and chest? As the treated?
  • Back pain: why and who is most likely to occur? Symptoms which should force to go to the doctor. Consult a neurologist, modern methods of treatment of back pain.
  • If sore back - what to do? Different causes of the disease. An overview of the most frequent diseases provocateurs pain.
  • Back pain: causes, types and treatment of back pain.
  • Why back pain in the middle: what diseases can cause pain how to treat
  • How to numb the back pain in the ribs. Why back pain and pain radiates in the right and left hypochondrium. Rib pain that radiates to the back. Diagnosis and treatment of back pain and the right or the left upper quadrant
  • Causes of back pain right side, comorbidities and symptoms. Diagnosis of illness and preventive measures.
  • pain in the right side gives back Pain in right side radiating to back: the cause of the Pain in my side has never been the messengers of good weather or unexpected good luck. Basically they're saying that people...
  • That might hurt in the right side at waist level in men and women. Localization of pain. Common diseases. To what doctor to address. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • Why back pain back pain what to do?Advise folk remedy.99% of the causes of back pain - a violation of the provisions of the vertebrae and, as a result, a pinched nerve - hence the pain.
  • Causes of back pain on the left, comorbidities and symptoms. Diagnosis of diseases, the indications for referral to a specialist.
  • Many faced with feelings, when it hurts the right side from the back. Unfortunately, not all people know, as evidenced by these feelings that it can
  • What diseases are associated pain in the back and ribs from behind.
  • If the back hurts, the question as to what doctor you need to contact should not become an obstacle to treatment.
  • This symptom is pain in the lumbar region, is familiar to almost everyone. Especially often faced with the female part of the population.
  • What to do when pain in the epigastric area and back? An overview of possible diseases: ulcer, appendicitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis etc.
  • Main causes of pain in back and neck pain: low back pain, myositis or tumor. Read the article to understand why back pain and to what doctor to address best.
  • Back pain, lower back? Find out the causes of back pain. Treatment of back and waist with ointments, tablets, gymnastics from back pain. When do you need surgery?
  • Pain in the lower spine, i.e. in the lower back, is one of the most frequent complaints when referring to the doctor. The greatest burden falls on the lumbar in comparison with the other regions of the spine, the lower back is subjected to injuries.
  • Spinal pain in the lumbar region: what are the reasons? Perhaps it is muscle-tonic and myofascial pain syndromes, compression radiculopathy, spinal stenosis. All about back pain — article.
  • The reasons why at the same time pain in lower abdomen and lower back, the main diseases and related symptoms. The value of diagnostics and treatment of pathologies
  • What to do if a sore back: effective ways of combating and preventing
  • How dangerous is back pain between the shoulder blades? The disease, which is characterized by pain in the back between the shoulder blades. Causes of back pain between the shoulder blades. Treatment of back pain.
  • Diseases that can cause pain in the right side lower back. The nature of the pain and additional symptoms that help in diagnosis of diseases.
  • Find out why a sore lower back and radiates to the leg. The list of causes and precipitating factors. Treatments, medical advice.
  • Back hurts after sleeping in the morning and then goes away. Causes and how to treat
  • There is probably no such person in the world who at least once in my life felt pain in the back and the lumbar region.
  • What causes pain in left side back? What diseases have characteristic symptoms? That will help alleviate the condition? Answer in the article.
  • Pain on my left side from the back: how to get rid of?You live, doing daily chores, making plans, but all in an instant is crumbling and changing, the reason for sharp pain in left side back side.
  • Back pain in the lumbar region, may be the consequence of various pathologies of the spine. Read what are the causes of pain and treatment.
  • Why there is pain in the blades between them, on the left side, below their level, possible causes and treatments.
  • Why is there pain in the back right? The types of pain. The most common causes.
  • One of the most common problems of modern people are often pains in the back and the abdomen, which arise at the same time.
  • Pain in right side back side can have several causes, but in all cases requires qualified treatment. For the purpose of treatment and the right specialist therapist will need the data of comprehensive examination of the patient.
  • Lower back pain occurs quite often. Patients say "I have a sore lower back", "pinched waist", "cross in back". The article will look at the causes of pain in the lower back.
  • Under the lower back pain refers to pain in the lower back. Besides pain, You may feel stiffness in the lumbar region and decrease in mobility of lower back.
  • Back pain during pregnancy is not extraordinary, but quite natural phenomenon. Let's look at why this happens and what to do if it hurts badly, and traditional painkillers pregnant to buy it.
  • Back pain is one of the most common complaints of patients. Often, pain in the lumbar or thoracic spine occurs in the background diseases not directly connected with his back. For short-term pain will help massage and exercise at home or in the gym.
  • Pain under the ribs appears in many diseases of various systems and organs. Often it can be the consequence of a recent injury or postoperative complications. Unfortunately, it may even a symptom of cancer.
  • Why is a sore lower back in women can identify only a competent specialist. And in some cases postponing a visit to the doctor with back pain can even be fatal. Pain in the lumbar region of the back appears more than 15 different violations of the female body.
  • Pain in back is often associated with serious spinal diseases. Scoliosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the thoracic spine cause almost the same pain localised between the shoulder blades.
  • Almost everyone was a pain in the back muscles. Her appearance may be a harmless phenomenon or indicates that a person develops a serious disease. Regardless of why, it appeared, be sure to see a doctor.
  • Lower back pain is probably familiar to almost every modern man. The ability to work can affect a great variety of different reasons.
  • What to do if hurts at the bottom of the back.The lumbar spine, throughout life, can withstand greater load. It is not surprising that sooner or later, often at the end of the day, many begin to feel that they have a bad back at the bottom.
  • Pain in left side back may be related to various reasons. They need to know to be targeted with the right treatment, as the pain syndrome negatively affects the patient's life, but the wrong treatment can lead to tragic consequences.
  • What are the causes of back pain radiates to the leg. The most common causes of back pain. What to do if back hurts and radiates to the foot how to treat
  • Back pain is so "popular" the problem is that to talk about it nobody wants. However, it should tell you about that, have to check before we can say with certainty that really bad back.
  • Those who spend a lot of time sitting behind the wheel, behind the Desk, a computer, — often suffer from lower back pain, but rarely pay attention to them.
  • If it hurts under the left shoulder — quite a popular syndrome that may indicate the development of many diseases. Such pain can be sharp but short in nature, and may not retreat for a long time.
  • Why sore lower back? How to determine what is causing the pain?
  • Pain in the blades is quite common. According to the statistics, 60% of people who complain that they have back pain in the blades.
  • The human body is one, and the back may hurt for a reason completely unrelated to the condition of the bone tissue. It can be old injuries, surgeries, diseases of internal organs, infection, inflammation, stress, lifestyle and professional overload.
  • The appearance of pain in back and sides - is very dangerous, as there is localized a large number of nerve endings that go to the internal organs. Therefore, the appearance of even a slight discomfort is a reason to be suspicious and refer to a specialist.
  • What are the causes of back pain right? What to do if you started an attack of acute pain?
  • What are the causes of sore back? What to do to prevent the pain syndrome?
  • Every pain gives a person uncomfortable, so the body often signals the presence of a particular disease. Pain in right side back side can have several causes, but in all cases requires qualified treatment.
  • Pain in the lumbar region of the back is extremely common. Paleontologists and biologists believe that this is a consequence of this evolutionary acquisitions, like bipedalism.
  • Abdominal pain, back disorders are manifested in the urinary, digestive and musculoskeletal systems. This applies to anyone, regardless of gender. It is important to understand which ones are the true causes of how to fix them.
  • This article describes the types of pain in the lumbar region, causes pain.
  • Back pain, lower back pain – there is no person who would never in her life experienced. According to the world health organization, is the most common complaint and the most frequent cause of temporary disability.
  • For back pain complain 85% of people. How to properly treat it and is it possible to get rid of pain once and for all?
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  • back pain, Etiology, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
  • Causes of pain in the neck; How to get rid of neck pain at home; Folk remedy for neck pain; a few More tips
  • Causes of pain in the neck; How to get rid of neck pain at home; Folk remedy for neck pain; a few More tips
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  • Instructions for use; Price; How to make collar trench own at home?
  • Building the neck; Types of pain; Causes; Diagnosis; Treatment
  • Ointments for the joints and spine based on bee venom
  • All diseases sneak up on us very quickly, including problems with joints and spine.
  • The causes of pain; Diagnosis; treatments; exercises
  • The main causes; Cervicalgia; Cervical sciatica; Osteochondrosis; Between the vertebrae hernia; Dangerous symptoms; Prevention and treatment
  • Causes; Accompanying symptoms; Treatment
  • How does massage; Points on the head for a headache; the headache Point on the hand; Points for headaches on the foot; Contraindications
  • Who help if sick; Who can diagnose lumbar area of pain; Diagnosis
  • The definition of pancreatitis and its effect on back pain; the Major causes and symptoms of acute pancreatitis; Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, Treatment of pancreatitis
  • Back pain on inspiration – it is dangerous; the Reasons for sensation like pressure in the chest
  • Пиелонефрит; Cancer; Cysts; urolitíase; the fibroid and pituitary adenomas; Nephroptosis; Гидронефроз renal; Renal failure; Renal colic; Between the vertebrae hernia; When you need to urgently visit your doctor
  • Most people do this type of work, where it takes a long time to spend in the same position. They know what a pain in the back, in the lumbar region and really want to get rid of it. We will talk about how to do it.
  • Causes pain; Diagnosis; Treatment back pain when breathing in
  • Pain in the kidneys or the back – difference of symptoms; Specific pain in the lumbar spine in men and women; Diagnosis of pain in the lower back
  • Causes; Symptoms; Treatment; Drug therapy; Folk methods
  • Etiology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention and prognosis
  • The basic rules for pain in the back, Repeat and approaches, Movement, Exercises to strengthen the muscle tissues of the back, the uniqueness of the method, it is Not necessary to treat joint pills!
  • Causes discomfort, fractures in the spine, Osteochondrosis, Spondylosis, Hernia between vertebrae, Lumbago
  • Causes discomfort, fractures in the spine, Osteochondrosis, Spondylosis, Hernia between vertebrae, Lumbago
  • Why pain in lower back How to determine the exact cause of lower back pain, Other causes What to do for pain in the lower back
  • Pain syndrome – primary and secondary, What is acute and chronic pain, distribution of pain from disease, Conclusion
  • 9 causes of lower back pain in women, their characteristics and treatment
  • An awkward position, Osteochondrosis, Diseases of the kidneys, Between the vertebrae hernia, Pancreatitis, Between the vertebrae inflammatory disease, Other possible causes, First aid, In conclusion
  • Painkillers, anti-inflammatory injections, the injection of three drugs, injections with sciatica,injections hernia
  • Causes of back pain can be treatment of back pain, prevention of back pain